Saturday, 18 April 2009

52529 having problems!

Torpoint's newly refurbished Mercedes Vario 52529 has seen at Plymouth Railway Station with major smoke coming from the engine bay. The picture and video below shows it pouring out from underneath the bonnet in every gap possible. Though the new driver then said to me "Your not allowed to take pictures of this bus". I then said "Why is that?" he replied "Your not allowed to take pictures of this company" so I said to him "Well I have been taking pictures of First buses for 5 years now and I have never had a problem, has something changed?" He then proceeded to close the doors. With smoke still coming from 52529 he started the Vario up and drove away, though I doubt he got very far. The smell was also quite bad so will be interesting to find out what happens!


Anonymous said...

nothing ever changes with first, send them a bus to be fixed and they ignore that and send it out on the road. This will be broke again next week and the cycle starts again

Anonymous said...

looks like steam to me!!!!