Sunday, 1 March 2009

My photo of the year...

... well so far it is anyway! This shot was taken on Saturday morning while making my way upto the train station from Royal Parade. We could have taken an earlier bus upto the train station though we thought we'd hang on for a 76 which was bound to give us a more interesting bus for the journey. I was hoping for the L reg Volvo Olympian which has recently come out of storage though what turned up was something very unexpected!

C412 HJN has had problems again and had been in Plymouth depot on Friday. Though for some reason they must have been short on the 76! 34812 was the bus that turned up for the run to Callington definately not expected. C417 HJN also followed on her proper routes so gave a great photo of Plymouth, how it should still be! 2 ex-Essex buses working there trade, but on different routes. I love it! Also notice C412 HJN has the wrong detination and number set. This driver didn't seem to have a clue how to work it and as a result many people we passed got very confused! The blind displays "26, Plymouth Looe" Where it should read "76 Callington"

Though this brings up the point that Callington now have 2 buses allocated to Torpoint, these being 412 and the Volvo Olympian K802 ORL. Does Callington really need these buses. Any bus is able to run the 76/A so why take buses from Torpoint? Certain buses are needed for these routes because of the Torpoint ferry modifications. And again Torpoint gets unwanted Varios to cover for deckers. When will this change!

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