Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Driver to leave the depot

On Sunday 24th August Derrick Cuff will drive his bus out of the depot at Torpoint for the last time. This comes after months of needing change from his daily routine for many years with First and living in the area.

Told to me last week by his new employeer Jim Goodard, that he will be coming to him on September 1st to start at his company, A-Line travel. He will run his routes and school services in place of the other drivers to give them a well earned rest after the resent expantion of rotues which I will write about in a further post.

Though this is a tempory move. Soon he will be house hunting in Bristol, his home city, where he will work the Airport Shuttle buses from Bristol airport. These will be the bendy and non bendy near new Mercedes Citaros which get people around the airport. With only two stops on route he says " At least I won't be being asked do you go to plymouth!"

So it will be sad to see him go but I'm sure he'll have a far better time up there. Even though he won't be driving our Olympians, and seeing many of the friends he has built up in his time down here.

So farewell Derrick. We'll miss you!!

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