Sunday, 24 August 2008

And its goodnight from her

C344 FTT has served A-Line Travel for many years.
She started life when new to Seawards Coaches in 1986. Thought after this very little is known about her history so if anyone could help with news or maybe even an old photo of her that would be much apericiated.
I don't know when she joined A-Line travel all I know is that she replaced the older bedfords that used to operate there.
She was in frontline service but was mainly used in her life for the Cawsand-Torpoint school bus. But don't think she was mis-treated. Even after many years operating this she is in very good condition. Always has been a very strong and reliable bus. But shortly (i.e. within days) after this photo was taken she was driven away for......scrap!
I was to be honested shocked and dismayied that this desistion was taken as she was still such a good little runner and was in very nice condition. I'm sure someone would have taken her on for use in service, as a camper or maybe even preservation. I was even tempted to buy her but the scrap dealer wanted over £1000 for her which I wasn't prepared to pay. So sadly she is just a memory broken up into many pieces.
What a waste of a brillient bus. And now she's in that big bus depot in the sky. R.I.P C344 FTT

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