Friday 19 July 2013

MK Travel for Maker

With the recent filming going on in the villages of Kingsand and Cawsand for the new Mike Leigh film, documenting the life and work of the artist JWM Turner, a shuttle bus service has been put in place to link the villages with the storage site at Maker. For this job, they have not opted to draft in local operators, but instead have hired in two Ford Transits (with drivers) from MK Travel of Tonbridge; just South of London! Although the company do appear to specialise in Film and Television related work, I fail to see how this is of any real asset considering the journey is a matter of minutes in length, with only a handful of journeys required per day, but evidently, it must be worth their while considering the distance involved. They must therefore of course be paying quite a premium considering the sheer distance from their operating base, as well as other costs involved, such as booking hotels for the drivers, and possibly even maintenance away from home. All things considered I'm quite surprised that it's worth all the extra cash they must be paying for the benefits they bring, but then again, the hire of a couple of minibuses is most likely a small drop in the ocean for such a big budget industry. 


Petras409 said...

Laurence - I don't think that you will make many friends from Kent with your comment that Tonbridge is somewhere 'South of London'!

Tonbridge is in the county of Kent, otherwise known as the Garden of England .

To Kentish residents, it's a bit like saying Plymouth is somewhere in West London !!

Laurence Mayhew said...

@Petras409 - Oh dear, whoops! Looks like a may have 'crossed a line' here, hehe! It's only about 20miles from the outskirts of London though, so I might be able to argue that it was in case the readers weren't aware of it's absolute location, and hence I put a useful perspective on it ;-)

I shall amend forthwith though! Thanks for making me aware :-)