Sunday 6 January 2013

Snap on Sunday

The Volvo Olympian it is safe to say is quite a dying breed within Stagecoach South West today, with this week's SoS being of the final example to still be running in Torbay; the honor going to R137 EVX. This is after quite a comeback during the summer of the type within the Bay, during the London 2012 Games, which saw the then brand new Scania powered Enviro 400s move to Exeter, to cover for the various batches of ADL Enviros that headed East to transport the masses. Since then the Olympians have been slowly dwindling away not only from Torbay, but also Exeter, with only very small numbers still left in operation. Quite a different picture when you consider the numbers of K reg Leyland Olympians with First have increased by 50% within FDC! 

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Anonymous said...

We still have 4 operating out of barnstaple 16602, 16058, 16062, 16878. Mainly deployed on schools with the occassional trip on the 308.