Sunday 15 July 2012

"Hang on lads, I've got a great idea"

Well, it seems that Plymouth Citybus has come up with a solution to the problem that many of us foresaw with the new livery. As many members of the public, as well as enthusiasts pointed out, there was no room for advertising on the new livery design, with the various large logos and Key Card messages adorning the whole sides of the new livery. But never fear, Plymouth Citybus have come up with a solution; and here it is!

Just slap it right across the lovely new logo and all the key card advertisements! It doesn't even cover it neatly...


Jared said...

Oh no, Just no.... Surely there is a bus still in the old livery that could be used.

I imagine someone sat in the office picked a fleet number, phoned the fitter and told them to put it on.... The fitter rings back and tells the error and the office person says "Put it on really neatly & no one will notice"

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed an airport ad on 63?

Only saw it the other week.