Friday, 12 August 2011

New livery revealed!

Plymouth Citycoach's new livery has been spotted today being prepared up at Milehouse. Indeed the rumors are true, it is now blue! Very similar to the Moss livery used on the Isle of Wight as a coach subsidiary. Lets hope this isn't so they can swing vehicles round with ease! I don't think there's very much point about getting into a debate about Stenning's similar designs (presuming this is also by him?), but the livery does look smart, but if anything, slightly bland. For my liking, it doesn't flow very well, there are too many large coloured areas, but none of it is in a nice constant pattern, it doesn't really all link in together that well. Let us know what you think though. Second photo of better quality thanks to Tom Pearce. I only posted mine to call 'Dibbs' as to being the first to photograph her at 08:32 this morning! 

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