Saturday, 25 June 2011

Living on

Two Ex-Bristol Olympians have lived to fight another day, both spotted in service today (25/06/11). 

Firstly is K619 LAE was believed to have been withdrawn and scrapped, but was out again today seen coming into Bretonside, before presumably working a 93, but possibily an X80, in the case of a shortage of Tridents avalible. 

Secondly is newly converted L637 SEU. This is the Volvo that had a bit of an incident with a low bridge in Falmouth a few months ago. She has now been fully converted to open top form, so as not to waste this perfectly good bus. Certainly nice to see a bit of variety on the open topper front. But still, nothing beats those lovely D-GHY Volvo B10Ms! 

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