Monday, 21 February 2011

Snap on Sunday (On Monday)

In the few moments of sunlight we had on Saturday I managed to grab this photo of 34197, one of the Ex-Airbus Volvo Olympians, still playing her trade down in St Austell, working into Truro with the church in the background. These were brought down here several years ago now for use on the X80, though these have since been replaced by Dennis Tridents. The Olympians are still fantastic vehicles to ride on, the engines have always been very good on them and the high speed gearboxes sound wonderful! Amazingly these are actually disabled accessible thanks to a lift being installed to the step on the entrance to allow it to be lowered down to the curb and then raised up to floor height. A very simple but effective system, and its a shame that other high floor buses couldn't have had this fitted. I could just imagine a simple system like this prolonging the lives of many VRs, Olympians and Atlanteans. But I can only dream! 

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