Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Carry on A-Line!

In the face of defeat, A-Line Coaches was the only company left running today on the Rame Peninsula. We haven't enjoyed a bus service since Saturday afternoon when FDC pulled out understandably, after the driver simply could not get any further! Sunday saw no running, and Monday the same. Tuesday has seen a test bus on the road in the form of 32762, but again, nothing has come of that after a crash earlier on today. A-Line didn't make it into service yesterday, simply because the bus couldn't make it out of the steep, untreated roads from St John, but forward thinking manager, Jim Goodard moved the bus up to a more main road, which meant the bus was available for service this morning! 

All services were run today, though as conditions in Cawsand worsened, Jim sensibly backed off and moved the terminus to Cawsand Scout Hut, rather than going down into the village to terminate. The photo above shows the normal terminus at Cawsand Triangle, covered with ice. 

The video I shall upload at a later date shows R651 YCR, with driver Steve Leigh negotiating the roads via Anderton from Cremyll to Millbrook. These were very icy and you will notice the bus simply sliding into the hedge, with no control. Steve skilfully negotiated this though, along with the various other obstacles on route. 

This video shows Steve pulling away from the temporary terminus at the Scout Hut, where again the ice was very apparent, where you can clearly see the wheels spinning on the ice. 

Cuffy also wanted me to post this new advert that he has produced for the company which I must admit is really smart, and of a high quality. It will appear in a local magazine soon to drum up some more business for the Private Hire section of the company which Derrick now operates. Please do visit www.alinecoaches.com if you haven't done so already, Cuffy regularly updates the site so is well worth a visit. 

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