Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Darts on the move

With huge thanks to Nathan Jenner (who also supplied the photos) I can report that more Ex-Plymouth Citybus Darts have been finding a new life at other bus companies recently. The latest is L126 YOD which has now joined the 'Halifax Joint Committee'. Unfortunately, though these are seen as the old and interesting here, these have infact replaced B reg MCW Metrobus' in Halifax. A real shame to see them go. As you can see L126 has been very much rushed into service still in as withdrawn condition from PCB. The only addition is the blind taken straight from one of the Metrobus' in the front window. Hopefully no one will still try to ring Dial A Cab from Halixfax though! I reckon the people on the other end would be highly confused why they would pick them! Another one of the Darts has also joined to run alongside L126. A post will follow on which this is in the near future.


kameron said...

Its a shame these are going.At least 105 is saved.

Matty McWheeney said...

K110 SFJ Is the other one at HJC and can be seen here on the Free Bus to Sainsbury's in Halifax: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4139/4990897910_ed5ebb598f_b.jpg

You can use this photo on the page if you wish.

Anonymous said...

No-one will ring the Taxi co from Halifax as Halifax numbers starting with 7 don't exist