Thursday, 18 June 2009

Cremyll, come Picadilly Circus!

The day started off with Jim on the X reg, as the R reg was unserviceable though today passed her MOT so will likely return to service, next week.

We did not take the same route diversion as of yesterday, Jim risked taking the Vario round the back roads of Millbrook, avoiding New Road. In the old Ivecos he said that this would be been easy as pie, being able to take them through the 'shortcut' though the Vario had to continue much further up until reaching the mini roundabout at the opposite end of New Road, avoiding Millbrook Quay. This was captured on film and this will be put onto Youtube in the very near future.

Coming back towards the quay, we met Steve with C412 HJN coming round the bend from Anderton. This school service is usually operated by a Trident, though an Olympian has to be used to navigate Anderton, to provide the service. Though talking to some students from the school, many saw this as a day off, and didn't go to school, as they though there would be no service!! There was also Carl on the other school run, also going via Anderton, seen here with C413 HJN

Strangely, shortly after departing Cremyll on the ferry, a service 81C displaying Cremyll, operated by a Trident turned up. This bus was not due for another hour, and the school bus to Torpoint had already left, so not sure what this bus was doing.

On returning to Cremyll, I was greeted with this magnificent sight. Leyland Olympian C412 HJN, and Mercedes Varios X891 YGU, and S529 RWP. X891 would operate the service ran this morning in reverse. C412 HJN would wait in Cremyll for S529 RWP to take passengers down to Millbrook, then pick up people from Torpoint, drop them back to Cremyll and then swap to C412 for the journey to Torpoint.

Pictures here show the route diversion from outside the bus, you can see this silly people parked his van right in the path of Cuffy, making if very difficult to negotiate.

On returning to Cremyll, there was this 'wonderful' sight, 3 Mercedes Varios all lined up, and kindly all of the drivers posed for the camera. From left to right, A-Line Travel X891 YGU with driver Derrick Cuff, FDC S529 RWP with driver Tony Body, FDC S547 RWP with driver Patrick Hunt.

Sadly this will be the only day of shuttle operation, and there will simply be no buses other then A-Line serving Millbrook. But what an exciting day its been!

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