Thursday, 27 September 2007

Cremyll plans

Sorry its taken me a while to do this but here we go.

On Saturday the exhibision in St Andrews church unvailed the new plans and drawings on the new buildings and redevelopment in Cremyll. Pictures that will be above but the downloader isn't working. They show the new extension added on which wil contain new deisabled toilets, a new waiting room the demolishing of the old porta cabin whih has been there for 20 years, the refurbishment of the old barn shed thing on the other side of the road, making the current turnstiles into an Ice-Cream parlour replacing the kiosk down there, realtime information system which I think isn't really needed and the other obvious one is there won't be any railings anymore leaving it open plan with not as much security. Pictures will explain all when they come.

Work will commence likely sometime in November and is due to be completed by the Summer. We look forward to this. PTOTPA will keep you informed of the happenings as they unfold.

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