Monday, 13 February 2012

Escaping the net

As is a long running tradition, many of Plymouth Citybus' castoffs are bought for further use thanks to their rigorous maintenance schedule and general treatment they receive from the company and drivers. Many of the Darts have made it into further use, with K102 SFJ being a fine example. She was spotted today in new ownership at First and Last Coaches still wearing the livery she left Plymouth wearing several years ago, even though this is her second operator since withdrawal from PCB. She had previously been owned by Aquarius Travel, before being sold on Ebay to First and Last a few months ago. K102 certainly looks like she has been well kept, but was one of the last things I expected to see while trundling through Cornish countryside! 

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Anonymous said...

PCB and now Go Ahead do seem to to do an amazing job of keeping their buses in good condition.