Sunday, 22 January 2012

Snap on Sunday

While we're still vaguely on the topic of the X80, I post here a photo from unbelievably; nearly 3 years ago. This is M420 CCV before her identity was been changed sitting in Bretonside having just returned from Torquay on the X80! M420 was always presented very well in her final years as this photo confirms. What a trip this would have been all the way to the 'English Riviera', I say in the eyes of an enthusiast, but I'd imagine anyone not blinded by this would have a very different opinion. After leaving FDC she was owned by Plymouth Argyle, although for what for we never really found out. Of course Target Travel are currently the owners of her, and she can regularly be seen on a myriad of services across Plymouth. 


Busboy170 said...

Was this taken on a sunday?

Laurence Mayhew said...

No, according to my records this was a Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Lots of First posts recently, anything for Citybus, Plympton changes are now on the site. Perhaps a fleet review?

John Nike Dart now in full Barbie c/s btw.