Friday, 5 August 2011

Something different!

Whey hey, some Dart variety in Plymouth! You're eyes do not deceive you, although I thought my own were doing so early on Friday morning! This is T471 JCV, Cornwall's RNLI liveried Dennis Dart, with the more rare (at least down here!) ALX 200* bodywork. To my knowledge, and several other people's, this is the first time this Dart has been in use in Plymouth. The ALX 200 as a whole has been used in Plymouth very occationally though when a Barnstaple based bus may stray onto one of the old full 86s into Plymouth. Certainly stands out among the sea of Plaxton bodied Darts in Plymouth, along with the very eye catching livery. It is thought she may now be a permanent placement in the city now the Marc Reddy is more heavily involved in the fund raising for the RNLI. To read more on this head over to Plymothian Transit, who has a more extensive write up on Marc's new role! Plymouth never fails to disappoint, even on a random weekday! 

*Thanks to anon on correcting my lack of ALX knowledge! 


Anonymous said...

It's an ALX 200, not 300. Also you would very occasionally see one of the Barnstaple based ones sitting at Bretonside, after running as a substitute on the 86.

Jared said...

It's up here as the MD from First Plymouth is now working closely with the RNLI

Laurence Mayhew said...

Thanks for the correction! All changed to 200 now, thank you! Ah yes good thinking.

Thanks for the info on that Jared! Just seen it on Plymothian Transit as well, interesting stuff! Maybe she will now be more permanently up here.

LFarley said...

I have video footage of an X--- SCY ALX200 Dart at work in Plymouth, when brand new - before it was delivered to Cornwall.

Rob said...

Brief history of WN Darts in the 90's:-

L401 VCV - L406 VCV
M407 CCV - M426 CCV
P427 ORL - P440 ORL
P441 TCV - P446 TCV
R447 CCV - R464 CCV
N561 LHU - N564 LHU
T469 JCV - T471 JCV
T472 YTT - T473 YTT
X474 SCY - X477 SCY

The ALX200's all saw service in Plymouth briefly & one was even shown in the Evening Herald at the time sticking her head out of the new depot

Mike said...

And M501CCV - M503CCV

Anonymous said...

Don't forget NC bodied N611WND, which was hired in for four months during 1998!

Rob said...

I knew i forgot something! Also the ex-London Darts that made a brief appearance in 98/99, and even though its not a Dart M221 EAF