Monday, 15 August 2011

Dwindling away

As Plymouth Citybus continues to add more of their double deck B7s, we see further single deck B7s disappear from FDC's Plymouth fleet. 69218 and 69219 (MX56 AEG/J) have been with us in Plymouth for quite a while now, effectively 'on loan' from Cornwall while in the height of the bus war with PCB, with the extra Ugobus routes in full swing. Now a majority of these routes have trickled away, the demand for high quality buses has also dwindled, and therefore, the two remaining '56' reg B7s have gone back home to Camborne and are again working with their sisters on the 14/18 from Truro to St Ives and Penzance. Shame to see these two go, as I, by far, prefer these examples to the 5 '07' reg ones that are still operating. The gearboxes just sound so much nicer! 

Strangely today though, 69252 was seen operating 6s! I've certainly never seen B7s on 6s the whole time they've been in Plymouth. Generally the main allocations now are for the 1s and PR2s, but do stray on to 2s now and again. Will be interesting to see how much longer Plymouth retains the remaining 5. It would certainly be nice if we could keep them, they bring a real air of quality to the streets of Plymouth, and the FDC fleet as a whole. 

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Anonymous said...

69249 Was Spotted on the 83! (Last Wk, 8th)